Crafting brand language, tone of voice and messaging strategies for the international study specialists

How do you help a globally successful business align and improve its worldwide operations through brand language and messaging?

Who: INTO University Partnerships – a large-scale, multi-lingual, educational partnering business with more than 35,000 student customers.

What we did:  Tone of voice, global messaging strategy, strapline creation, copywriting


  • Tone of voice guidelines and toolkit
  • Global messaging framework
  • Training in brand language application
  • Development and delivery of new strapline
  • Copywriting services

What they wanted:

With the launch of a new website INTO needed to refresh the way it spoke to international students. They soon realised that their need was greater than just their digital presence and needed some help formalising their content across all channels.

We have also crafted a new strapline to give the company purpose and direction for the present and their future developments.

How we did it:

First of all, we listened. We heard from staff, from students and from stakeholders around the world. Through workshops and interviews with staff in the UK and US we brought everyone along with us to discover the brand.

We created a complete tone of voice toolkit and global messaging framework, along with training for their key content creators in how to create new, on-brand content. 


To make sure that these new tools were embedded in the organisation from the ground up, we delivered extensive training with writers, communications executives and senior management.

We ran workshops with content creators, taking an in-depth look at how to use the messaging framework and tone toolkit to produce the best content for INTO.  We also spoke at their annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, unveiling our work to departments and stakeholders from right across the world.

Lark’s approach, attitude, professionalism, insight, knowledge and deliverables are among the best I have seen and it is genuinely a pleasure working with them. As well as the business benefits that Lark has delivered through creating a tone of voice, messaging framework and strapline for INTO, Paul and colleagues are talented at providing the tools needed via training and workshops so that we can be much more self-sufficient in our consumer communications. I would whole-heartedly recommend them.
— Steve Rawlings, Assistant Director, Digital and Web at INTO University Partnerships