Editorial content strategy for PwC's international development programme

How do you help one of the world's top management consultancies to inspire its own staff?

Who: PricewaterhouseCoopers

What they wanted: In November 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) asked Lark to advise on the editorial content strategy for a series of marketing materials that showcased their international development projects. PwC's teams across the globe were doing some outstanding work, which it wanted to communicate to internal and external stakeholders. 

The problem? Nobody was reading it. The content just didn’t hold the attention of busy professionals.

What we did: When we read the original versions of the publications, we identified many ways to energise the content. We banished confusing diagrams, unnecessary jargon, and switched the copy focus from “we” to “you”. We also created much stronger hooks to entice readers and encourage them to turn the page. 

Lark restructured every chapter and added a contents page (see below) that helped people navigate the document more intuitively. This included renaming PWC’s four international development focus areas into short, punchy themes: People, Planet, Trust and Growth. 

With the improved copy and interactive calls to action, this content has been designed specifically to engage the reader.

Lark also devised a new section (see below). While the design for this spread was out of our control (we would have recommended more imagery), it has still proven effective – creating something similar to an ‘executive summary’ and bringing the most relevant content to the fore. 

The new spread explains the four key themes and includes teaser snippets from different case studies to highlight PwC’s achievements. These also act as wayfinding devices and encourage the reader to investigate other pages.