Creating a brand for IMPRESS – the UK's newest press regulator

As a new press regulator for the UK, how do you say the right things to make people pay attention?

The brief

Create the brand language and identity for the newest press regulator in the UK.

What we did

We helped the IMPRESS board define their messages and values – which we turned into a brand story. The narrative for IMPRESS set them out as the "UK's first truly independent press regulator".
Alongside the strong, new visual identity, typography, marketing material and website – the brand language we created builds upon their "trusted journalism" stamp.

The difference

Press regulation is an important national agenda and IMPRESS had to work quickly and authoritatively to establish itself. With full endorsement from the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) conference IMPRESS is now transforming hyperlocal journalism. With their forthright branding and remit they will be helping to shape press freedom and regulation long into the future.