Creating a unique tone of voice for Mint Velvet

How do you make a multi-national women's fashion brand sound truly unique?

The brief: Mint Velvet have a strong visual identity and a broad, eclectic target audience. But they were lacking consistency and energy in their written content.

What we did: First of all, we looked at what competitor brands were doing and how they sounded. We needed to understand where Mint Velvet saw themselves – as an aspirational brand or as something more down-to-earth. Then, we carried out a series of workshops with key staff members to dig deep beneath the surface and discover the brand's true personality.

As with many retailers, the product descriptions can make the difference between gaining a customer or losing a sale. We created several descriptions and then worked backwards to encompass as much brand content as possible – refining the Mint Velvet voice as we went.

This came together in a tone of voice guideline document and content creation workshop – a day's training in how to create the right kind of content and use the right tone.